Discover our English-taught Master Degree Programs!

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At the University of Pavia, you will find 18 Master’s Degree Programs taught in English.
Find your favourite one and apply:

Economics and Political Sciences:
- MIBE – Master in International Business & Enterpreneurship
- MEDI – Master in Economics, Development and Innovation
- Finance
- World Politics and International Relations

- Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards
- Computer Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Electronic Engineering
- Industrial Automation Engineering
- Environmental Engineering – Resilience to Climate Change Effects (REACH) Curriculum

- The Ancient Mediterranean World: History, Archaeology and Art

Medicine and Psychology:
- Harvey Medicine and Surgery
- Psychology, Neuroscience and Human Sciences
- Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies

- Molecular Biology and Genetics
- Neurobiology
- Agri-food Sustainability
- Physical Sciences – Biomedical Physics Curriculum

15 nov 2022