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REACHEnviromental Engineering - Curriculum in REACH: REsilience to climAte CHange effects

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The academic activities planned for the Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering – Resilience to Climate Change Effects (REACH) aim at training expert professionals capable of operating in a reality where climate changes increasingly impact on the management of water resources, on the safeguard of the environment, and on soil protection.

The environmental engineers graduating in this curriculum will be able to analyse problems, build models to support decisions, plan and design actions and operations of natural and territorial interest to mitigate the effects of climate changes, as well as in ordinary contexts, using modern, innovative and inter-disciplinary approaches, techniques and tools.

Starting from a reinforcement of previous bases in mathematics, hydraulics, sanitary engineering, applied geology, and hydraulic constructions, in this curriculum the topics related to climate dynamics, the impact of climate changes on aquatic ecosystems, the sustainable use of water resources in urban and agricultural environments, fluvial hydraulics and related hydraulic protection works and the use of satellite data are especially developed.

The formal approval of this program by the Italian Ministry of Education is expected by June 2022.

Struttura del programma


• Continuum Mechanics
• Groundwater Contamination
• Water Energy Sustainable Urban Development
• Reliable Design and Management of Urban Hydraulic Infrastructures
• Numerical Methods in Engineering Sciences
• Satellite Data Analysis
• Climate Dynamics and Changes
• Applied Geology to Environmental Sustainability
• Sustainable Management of Water Resorces in Agriculture
• One subject to be chosen from this list: Landslides Hazard and Risk / Planning of Energy Conversion Systems


• Fluvial Hydraulics
• Flood Propagation
• Climate Change Impacts on Water Ecosystems
• Environmental Planning and Assessment
• One or more subjects to be chosen from this list: Design of Hydraulic Structures for Environment Protection / Italian Language for Foreign Students / Agronomic Utilization of Residuals /Geomatics for Precision Agriculture
• One subject to be chosen from this list: Computational Fluid Dynamics / Snow Avalanches and related Mountain Natural Hazards / Earth Surface and Processes / Structural Measures for Flood Risk Mitigation

Sbocchi professionali

Among the possible career opportunities for graduates in Environmental Engineering we can mention:
• freelance in the field of planning, design, executive supervision and testing of public infrastructures
• freelance in the field of environmental monitoring and environmental impact analysis
• jobs in companies operating in the building and maintenance of civil plants and infrastructures (water systems, hydroelectric plants, land reclamation and flood protection systems, sewer connection and treatment plants for urban and industrial wastewater, solid waste treatment plants)
• jobs in companies, authorities, consortia and agencies for the management of infrastructures and services (integrated water service companies, land reclamation and irrigation consortia, companies related to waste management)
• jobs in public authorities for the planning, design and management of urban and environmental systems (municipalities, provinces and regions)
• jobs in environmental control and safeguard authorities (river basin authorities, environmental protection agencies, public health agencies, etc.)
• jobs in the public administration at national and international levels (authorities, institutions and agencies devoted to the management and planning of natural and urban areas) as an expert in the control and management of measures for the mitigation of climate change effects
• jobs in insurance and consultancy companies for estimating the risks induced by climate changes

Candidati ora! Anno accademico 2022/23
Periodo di candidatura concluso

Le scadenze per le candidature valgono per i cittadini di: Stati Uniti

Candidati ora! Anno accademico 2022/23
Periodo di candidatura concluso

Le scadenze per le candidature valgono per i cittadini di: Stati Uniti