Tuition fee €4,500 per year

Tuition fee for non-EU students who enter Italy with a study visa is based on flat rate and depends on the citizenship.
If non-EU students come from a family with limited financial resource, they can choose to have their tuition fee calculated according to their family income (from €156,00 to €3.985,00 per year).
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Application fee €35 per programme

This fee is not refundable.

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Choosing an engineering degree course means being willing to play an important part in our growing and fast developing society. Engineering is the right choice for prospective student with a strong interest not only in scientific subjects but also in their application and with a “problem solving” attitude. The Faculty of Engineering at University of Pavia also offers an highly effective teaching by professors with a strong scientific background and a direct connection with the economic environment: this two characteristics make the scientific research and teaching at the Faculty of Engineering constantly linked to a growing industry.
The Bachelor’s Degree Course in Ingegneria Industriale offers an education in engineering that covers a wide range of subjects: from the scientific fundamentals to the operative tecniques of the industrial engineering sectors such as energy production, manufacturing industry, transportation, industrial automation, automotive, energy saving and industrial planning.
All this fields play an important role in the national industry and in the tertiary sector (aeroports, healthcare, banks and civil structures) where the demand for skilled professional and qualified personnel is always constant.
Students can choose between two main tracks in their study plan: Energy andMechanics.

Main study subjects are:

Energy: Machine design, Electrotechnics, Mechanics applied to machines, Technical physics, Foundations of automatic, Electrical energy

Mechanics: Drawing of machines; Mechanics applied to machines; Physics technique; Foundations of automatic; Complements of Mechanics applied and applied technology; Construction of machines.

Programme structure

If you are interested to know what subjects we have chosen for a Ingegneria Industriale study plan read this webpage

Career opportunities

Some of the possible career choices of an Industrial Engineer are:
• mechanical industry and design and production of machines, installations and equipments
• design and production of terrestrial vehicles for lifting and transportation
• metallurgical, steel and movement industries
• manufacturing
• energy suppliers
• both public and private service company
• design and research of equipments for the biomechanical, biomedical and sport fields
• freelancers and consultant
• technical jobs with public and semi-public bodies for example involved in transportation, mail services and public works

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States