New Master's degree courses are now available!

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New programs starting in the academic year 2022/23

We are glad to announce our new master’s degree courses:

·       Master Program in Economics, Development and Innovation

This Master Program offers two different curricula:

- Industrial Organization and Innovation that provides students with the necessary theoretical foundations and tools for understanding and analysing innovation and competition within industrial sectors;

- International Development and Economic Policy that provides students with a solid quantitative and theoretical background for understanding and analysing the economic and social processes driving individual and household decisions and the functioning of markets and institutions in developed and developing countries.

·       Master’s Degree in Finance

This Master’s Degree course provides students with knowledge in interpretative models of quantitative finance, statistical and econometric techniques to allow them working in banks, asset management companies, consulting companies, supervisory authorities and central banks, insurance companies, fintech and trading, venture capital.

·       Master’s Degree Course in Agrifood Sustainability

This Master’s Degree course provides a solid preparation in agricultural sciences and technologies, through a multidisciplinary vision, aimed at achieving a high production, attentive to the health of environment, agricultural producers and consumers, focusing on sustainability.

·      Master’s Degree Course in Environmental Engineering – Resilience to Climate Change Effects (REACH) Curriculum

This Master’s Degree course aims at training expert professionals capable of operating in a reality where climate changes increasingly impacts on the management of water resources, on the safeguard of the environment, and on soil protection.

·       Master’s Degree Course in Physical Sciences – Biomedical Physics Curriculum

This Master’s Degree provides physical techniques and skills on instrumentation and mathematical methods also used in hospitals and medical industry.

·       Master’s Degree in Neurobiology

This Master’s Degree course focuses on the morpho-functional organization of the nervous system, the cellular and molecular correlates of neural functions and on the neurobiological bases of the pathologies of the nervous system. Graduates can be employed in hospitals universities, private and public research centres, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, among others.

·       Master’s Degree in Medical and Pharmaceuticals Biotechnologies

This Master’s Degree program prepares graduates with highly skilled in designing, analysing and researching biotechnologies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical field allowing them to research and work in universities, public and private research institutes, hospital laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

Applications for these Master’s Degrees are open, you can submit your application by clicking on each program title.

11 Mar 2022