Update on Teaching and Learning for 20-21 academic year

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How to attend classes for the first semester a.y. 20-21

Basic rules for attendance:

In compliance with Italian health directives, we need to be aware of the number of students who prefer to attend class on premises.

This is why it will be mandatory to confirm if you want to attend ONLINE or ON UNIVERSITY PREMISES using our new online platform.

Bear in mind that this does not in any way replace the compilation of the study plan, which you will have to submit anyway within the deadline decided by your department/faculty.

Here some instructions on how to use it:

Step 1: check on your department or course website the deadlines. There are very strict deadlines within which to confirm your preference.

List of websites:

Economics and business
Political Science and Communication
Medice and Health studies
Sports Studies
Pharmacy and pharmacy technology studies
Environmental and earth studies

Step 2: Login with your university username and password to frequenzainpresenza.unipv.it within the deadlines.

You can use this guide to better understand how to use it.

10 Sep 2020