Tuition fee €4,500 per year

Tuition fee for non-EU students who enter Italy with a study visa is based on flat rate and depends on the citizenship.
If non-EU students come from a family with limited financial resource, they can choose to have their tuition fee calculated according to their family income (from €156,00 to €3.985,00 per year).
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Application fee €35 per programme

This fee is not refundable.

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Graduates of “Biologia Sperimentale ed Applicata” will have a solid and integrated cultural preparation in basic biology and in the different sectors of applied biology.
Graduates will also gain in-depth knowledge of instrumental methodology, analytical tools and techniques for acquiring and analyzing biological data.
The curricula include training activities aimed at acquiring in-depth knowledge of basic biology and its applications, with particular focus on application knowledge, in relation to: biomolecules, cells, tissues and organisms under normal and altered conditions; the environmental effects on living things, including man; and the acquisition of techniques useful for the understanding of phenomena at biomolecular and cellular levels.
The course involves the completion of a significant experimental activity and the production of a paper in which original results related to the activity carried out are reported.
If the cultural and professional interests of the student are oriented towards environmental studies then they will be encouraged to acquire in-depth theoretical skills related to: the overall characteristics of living beings, plants, animals and micro-organisms; the factors and mechanisms responsible for environmental changes; and the main biochemical, genetic, biomolecular, ecotoxicological and statistical survey techniques applied to the study of the environment and the evaluation of its quality.
If the student would prefer to deepen biomedical studies, they will be encouraged to acquire knowledge on the basis of cellular and molecular biology, with particular reference to: human biology; the mechanisms for the onset of the main pathologies, in particular vascular and tumor; as well as the main biochemical, genetic, biomolecular, immunological, physiological and bioinformatic investigation techniques.
If the cultural and professional orientation of the student are oriented towards the acquisition of skills related to the bioanalyses, the following aspects of the biochemical, genetic and microbiological disciplines will be favored: a) the model operation of the instrumentation currently in use to carry out surveys in hospital laboratories and laboratories dealing with environmental and chemical-physical pollution, both indoor and outdoor b) the most common statistical analysis surveys c) regulations concerning safety and prevention in the food, labor, environment and health sectors

Programme structure

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Career opportunities

The Degree Course in Biologia Sperimentale ed Applicata will allow graduates to be included in all the professional fields according to the current regulations.
Depending on the cultural and professional orientation of the graduates, this Degree will favor:
a) professional activity in relation to control, management and conservation of the environment (basic scientific and applied research in the environmental field, biological analysis laboratories for environmental quality, analysis, management and conservation of fauna and flora; assessment of impacts and risk factors on ecological systems);
b) professional activity in the biomedical world (biomedical scientific research, biomedical laboratories of high technological level, such as those operating in molecular diagnostics, pharmacological experimentation, scientific informants in the areas of pharmacology, cellular and molecular biology , and biomedical instrumentation.
c) professional activity in diagnostic laboratories, public and private biological analysis, dietary advice; chemical-pharmaceutical and agro-food industries laboratories; analysis and consulting laboratories for forensic applications in the biomolecular and entomological fields; institutions for accreditation and certification according to ISO standards;
d) teaching activities at various levels in the biology sector.

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States