Tuition fee €3,500 per year

Tuition fee for non-EU students who enter Italy with a study visa is based on flat rate and depends on the citizenship.
If non-EU students come from a family with limited financial resource, they can choose to have their tuition fee calculated according to their family income (from €156,00 to €3.985,00 per year).
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Application fee €35 per programme

This fee is not refundable.

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The Master’s Degree Program in “Giurisprudenza” pursues the objective of forming a jurist up-to-date and aware of their role in society, ensuring a high level of preparation based on the full mastery of scientific and methodological tools necessary for an adequate approach to any general legal question.
The course aims in particular to guarantee, on the basis of a solid basic cultural knowledge, the acquirement of:
a) A secure capacity for reasoning, analysis and connection between various sources of law
b) The ability to produce, via the use of IT tools, clear legal, legislative, negotiation and trial laws, relevant, reasoned and effective in relation to employment contexts
c) A strong ability to understand problems, study legal qualifications in depth, represent cases and evaluate of circumstances in order to deal with the issues of interpretation and application of law
d) Basic tools for the constant updating of professional knowledge
The Course is a single-cycle program and has a duration of five years, of which the last two are characterized by numerous subjects at choice and direction, in order to allow the deepening of specific areas of interest of the student.
Consequently, alongside a solid preparation in the historical-philosophical, comparative and juridical-economic subjects and in the basic scientific and characterizing sectors of legal science (constitutional law, private law, commercial law, international law, European Union law, administrative laws, criminal law, labor law, procedural law), the course offers multiple opportunities for study in areas such as: fundamental rights; family law; bio-rights; European labor law; Islamic law; corporate budgets; banking law; the relationship between law, science and new technologies; environmental law; the language of law; legal medicine, and so on.
The teaching activity is constantly integrated, also in the framework of agreements with foreign universities, through the organization of seminars, internships, conferences, tutoring activities and guided tours.
The course also aims to give graduates the ability to fluently use, in written and oral form, at least one language of the European Union, in addition to Italian, with particular reference to specific disciplinary lexicons.
Also for this purpose, groups of students are regularly encouraged to take part in national and international process simulation competitions (Moot Courts).
Particular and specific attention is paid to the acquisition of skills, both technical and legal, for communication and information management with IT and telematic tools and methods. It is also possible to carry out periods of training at law firms or institutions, and public and private bodies.
The Master’s degree in “Giurisprudenza” is compulsory for those who intend to carry out the professions of lawyer or notary or to access the roles of the judiciary, the senior public administration or pursue a diplomatic career.
Graduates of “Giurisprudenza” can also carry out professional activities, with reference to functions of high responsibility, in contexts in which the analyst’s ability to evaluate and decide is particularly fruitful, and in the various fields of social activities, socio-economic and political institutions, public administrations, private companies, national and international financial activities, trade unions, information technology law, both international and community comparative law, as well as in international organizations.

Programme structure

Study plan and further information are available at this link

The Department has successfully implemented a Double Degree program with a prestigious University in Argentina. This bilateral agreement allows the students who participate in the program to obtain an Italian degree and the equivalent foreign title. Learn more here

Career opportunities

The Master’s Degree in Giurisprudenza is compulsory for those who intend to carry out the profession of lawyer or notary or to access the positions of judiciary, senior public administration or a diplomatic career.
The Master’s Degree also allows the student to carry out professional and / or consultancy activities in a wide range of occupational and professional realities and more precisely in the management of public and private companies, in all the roles and administration and judiciary, in all roles and spheres of the administration of the State, covering all roles and aspects of administration of regions, provinces and municipalities, professional consulting firms, economic and financial institutions , national and international banking and insurance companies, public and private international organizations, national and international non-profit organizations, organizations performing mediation activities, IT companies, social health organizations, political and trade unions .

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States