Tuition fee €3,500 per year

Tuition fee for non-EU students who enter Italy with a study visa is based on flat rate and depends on the citizenship.
If non-EU students come from a family with limited financial resource, they can choose to have their tuition fee calculated according to their family income (from €156,00 to €3.985,00 per year).
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Application fee €35 per programme

This fee is not refundable.

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The Master’s Degree course, belonging to the LM-45, provides a wide and differentiated training in methodologies and repertoires, to produce musicologists able to carry out professions for which an in-depth knowledge of history and theory of music is required, and able to conduct original research in the field.
During the training course, students acquire an in-depth historical and theoretical knowledge of music and its modes of diffusion, as well as competences in the linguistic, historical, philosophical and scientific disciplines applied to the various fields of musical knowledge.
Students will improve the use of the main IT tools applied to musicological research and the ability to express themselves in written and oral form in at least one language of the European Union as well as in Italian.
Finally, the course offers the necessary bases to access the research paths for which a Master’s degree is required.
At the end of the Master’s Degree in “Musicologia”, graduates will be able to plan, coordinate and carry out highly professional activities in both public and private bodies, specialist and non-specialist libraries, archives of large institutions, radio and television broadcasters, theaters, press offices, publishing houses and record companies, organs of information, media and concert programming, and museums and collections of musical instruments.
Graduates will also be able to carry out work in the more general field of study, promotion and enhancement of music as an art, its place in the system of knowledge and the role it plays in public and social life.

Programme structure

Study plan and further information are available at this link

Career opportunities

Graduates in Musicologia can find positions in libraries, including specialist, public and private libraries; archives, both public and private; musea and superintendencies; press offices; publishing houses; cultural institutions; media organizations and the media sector; the more general field of study, cataloging, conservation, promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage, particularly book and artistic heritage; teaching; sector of scientific research within universities and related institutions.

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Academic year 2022/23
Application period has ended

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States